About Us

About Us

Titan Research Group Supply or TRG Supply are registered business names in the province of Ontario for 6916783 Canada Inc, which is a Canadian Corporation.

Titan Research Group Supply is a global network of distributed world-class engineering teams uniquely dedicated to delivering cost-effective, highly specialized & complete design & supply solutions to key markets. Titan Research Group Supply leverages global talent to comply with local standards, laws and regulations through our revolutionary approach to large and small scale project management from the start of any project to its hand-over.

Safety commitment

Our aim is to be an industry leader in safety performance and to maintain an incident and injury-free workplace, where everyone goes home safe each day.

Global expertise

Titan Research Group Supply support clients around the world bringing experience gained in one region to the challenges faced in another. At the same time, we understand the cultures and practices in each country, and our distributed approach translates to unique agility and responsiveness in going beyond meeting our customer’s requirements and expectations.

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Contact us for more information on our products and how they can fulfill your manufacturing or sterilization needs. You may also ask us about our policies, ordering and delivery process, or for other related information.

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