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Compressed Air Storage Tanks

Compressed Air Tanks Allow a compressor to start less frequently than a system without one. The compressor still pumps the same amount of air to do a job (no more or less), but it doesn’t have to start and stop as often. It runs fewer cycles, with each cycle being longer.

When it comes to sizing of an air receiver, a good rule of thumb to remember is to allow 3-4 gallons for each CFM or 10-15 liters for each liters/second of compressed air depending on the type of an air compressor used and the application.

We use ASME materials of construction and build our compressed air tanks to Canadian CRN standards and ASME Standards in U-stamp shops.  We use double redundant quality control and inspection in our fabrication.  Our prices can’t be beat, so talk to us and we will give you a quotation.

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