Series 55: Diaphragm valve tank bottom valve body

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Series 55: Diaphragm valve tank bottom valve body


  • Compact design for space restricted applications
  • Simplified welding with provision of welding neck
  • Optimized flow geometry
  • Hermetical separation of fluids from the operating mechanism by diaphragm
  • Fully machined from SS 316L bar stock
  • CIP/SIP capable and crevice free
  • Zero dead leg and self-draining capabilities
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Various internal surface finish available each with less than 0.40 Ra


Series 55 pneumatically operated tank bottom valve has a body with attached welding neck and an inlet ports, a diaphragm sea land actuator. Tank bottom valves are normally used as outlet valves and are welded into the lowest point of the tank bottom enabling the tank to be self drained and cleaned or sterilized. The most important design feature of the valve is that the weir is as close as possible to the internal contour of the tank. This enables the diaphragm seal to effectively become a continuation of the surface of the tank bottom with no dead leg. The diaphragm is both a switch as well as a sealing element for the media. It is easily replaceable. An actuator is provided for the protection of diaphragm and for opening and closing actuation of the valve. Modified versions of the tank bottom valves are designed for installation in the tank walls.

Series 55-Tank bottom valve, stainless catalogue

Product Specs

Connection Size
½” – 3”

Rated Air Pressure
6 Bar (g)

MOC –Wetted (Contact)
Stainless Steel 316L

MOC –Non-wetted (Non-contact)
Polyamide or ASTM A351 CF8 (SS304)

Seal material

Neutral gases and liquids, high purity, sterile, aggressive or abrasive fluids

Up to viscous

Surface finish
Mechanical or Electro Polish

Media temperature
EPDM -10°C to +75°C
PTFE -10°C to +90°C

Ambient temperature
Up to +90°C

Sterilization temperature
EPDM Briefly up to +130°C
PTFE Briefly upto+150°C

End connections •V-band (Hygienic) Clamp •Butt-Weld
-EN ISO 1127/ISO 4200 and BS 4825 are available on request

As per design requirement



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