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Horizontal Plate Filter Press

Horizontal-Plate-Filter-Press Specification


  • Designed for zero hold up
  • Single pass filtration with no solid bypass
  • Full batch recovery, no separate scavenging systems needed
  • Uniform distribution of cake on each plate
  • Uniform filter bed formation
  • Easy removal & cleaning
  • Central feeding thereby reducing cost of expensive solvents
  • Proper sealing which allows the filtration of volatile, toxic and inflammable products


Leistung’s horizontal plate filter press is enclosed construction, preventing evaporation, oxidation, leakage, and fumes escaping from products. The Leistung make horizontal plate filter press consist SS shell & top cover to give pressure tight enclosure with Rathmann styled clamp. Plate pack assembly can be removed manually for cake disposal. The plate pack assembly consists plates, perforated screen, filter media & interlocking cups.The entire assembly complete with pump & piping connection can be mounted on SS trolley if required. It can be jacketed for hot filtration. The unfiltered liquid is centrally fed under pressure from the bottom inlet. The liquid spreads out equally on each plate fitted with filter media. Filter plates are available in different sizes depending on the percentage of cake holding capacity. Solid remain on the filter media and clear filtrate flows through precisely made holes on side of plates and collects in shell thereby coming out through the outlet. In this process, there is an equal distribution of solid on each plate. The cake is then cleaned from filter media & used again for filtration process. The cake can be dried maximum by applying air or insert gas at the end of the cycle. The filtration area & cake holding capacity can be increased or decreased as per customer requirement by selecting an appropriate range of filter press.

Design Code Good Engineering Practice,
ASME section VIII Division 1 Accessories (Optional) Pressure Gauge, Vent Valve, Drain
Valve, D.P. Gauge

Horizontal-Plate-Filter-Press Specification

Product Specs

No. of Plates
Up to 28

Available Height of Plate
25, 38 or 50

Up to 29,000 L/hr

SS – 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Duplex

Sugar syrup, liquid, Semi-liquid

Pressure Rating
1 – 15 bar

Temperature Rating
-25°C to +65°C, more on request

Vessel Closure
Rathmann Styled Clamped, Bolted

Sealing Material
EPDM, Silicon, FKM /FPM

Lifting Device
Lifting Lug and handle

Vessel Support
Leg support with movable Skid

Surface Finish
Matt Finish, Mirror Finish

Optional Finish
Electro Polish

Customized Design
Available in customized design to
accommodate specific requirements

Centrifugal, lobe or gear pump for
pressure filtration



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