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Autoclave pressure oxidation (POX) is an effective pre-treatment option when extracting gold from refractory ore bodies, such as pyrite and arsenopyrite. While gold processing plants are the most common utilizers of POX technology, the process can also be applied to other metals, like copper, zinc and uranium.

State-of-the-Art Industrial Poxoclaves
  • Cost effective
  • Fast delivery
  • ASME “U” Stamped, ASME National Board Registered, Canadian Registration Number approved
  • State-of-the-art programmable controls for limitless cure cycle varieties
Poxoclaves features/options:
  • Industry specific functions catered to your design
  • Four levels of safety and control
  • Low maintenance and ease of operation
  • Fully programmable
  • Design pressure : up to 30 bar
  • Capacity 1 to 100 MT
  • Diameter 1 metre to 8 metre
  • Fuel: electric/ oil / gas / steam
  • Computerized SCADA control

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