Pressure Treated Wood Autolcaves

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Pressure Treated Wood Autolcaves

State-of-the-Art Wood Treatment
  • Cost effective
  • Fast delivery
  • ASME “U” Stamped, ASME National Board Registered, Canadian Registration Number approved
  • State-of-the-art programmable controls for limitless cure cycle varieties
Other Features/options:
  • Fully insulated
  • Pre-insulated and cladded or ready for on-site insulation
  • Programmable touch screen operator panels
  • Fully-automated with engineered safety interlocks that are fail safe and above industry standards
  • Custom door mechanism designs that permit manual and fully automated actuation
  • Custom full or partially automated insertion or product extraction systems
Any size and any capacity

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of building autoclaves of virtually any practical inside diameter and up to lengths spanning football fields (AAC manufacturing). Field assembled or factory built, contact us and we will give you a proposal that is catered to your manufacturing environment and level of expertise and training.

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