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Sterilizing Autoclaves

TRGS offers a wide range of autoclaves for professionals in the agri-food business, with a wide range of diameters and capacities available. Standard models can be augmented with options for adapting to special food industry requirements.    Our technical department is available should you need any help making a decision fitted to your needs.

Energy savings:

Water is heated prior to being injected into autoclave. The steam’s condensates are recovered from the exchanger, and may be recycled to reduce energy consumption well below that of most sterilizers.  Our experts in ASME BPE standards will ensure the proper enthalpy, flow, and surface finish to ensure appropriate specifications.

Our Design office innovates (patents)  for improving the performance of our stainless steel sterilization Containers, Baskets, Baby food, Pet food, in terms of :

  • Energy consomption
  • Productivity / Cycle time
  • Quality / Scrap rate
  • Hygiene standards respect
  • Ergonomics

Unloading a Sterilization Autoclave

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