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Titan Research Group Supply has forged alliances with a large established network of global high quality original equipment manufacturers and fabricators.

Our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities bring high quality, value and expertise to your organization.


HPCO is a professional manufacturer of welded pipe fittings.  Founded in 2006 and located in Cangzhou, Hebei China HPCO has the coveted PDO (Oman Oil Certificate) along with CRN on all parts and many other approvals.

All products meet China (GB), American (ASTM and ASME), European (EN), German (DIN) etc. standards.

Markets include power, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, ship building, pulp and paper, metallurgy and other fields.  HPCO is able to provide specifications particular to your requirements.

In addition, TRGS provides end to end QA from the pour to the ship, we are set up as a third party to watch and test the product at every turn. Quality and delivery is assured.

HPCO Presentation (EN)


TRGS has collaborated with RAHAI GLOBAL as exclusive North American partner to build autoclaves to the highest quality per ASME National Board requirements, and per Canadian CRN requirements.  We have a full analytical team on both sides of the pond to prepare all calculations and designs. Automation of testing, and factory acceptance streamlines the process of QA and improves timelines to delivery.  Whether for sterilization, pressure treating, vulcanizing, glass curing,  wood treating, or custom designs, our autoclaves can be supplied as completely automated push of the button devices, or semi-automated, to bare vessels or just component parts, as per your requirements.


High Purity Products Plant, LEISTUNG Ahmedabad, India

Leistung reaches various segments like food, pharma, beverages, cosmetics, bioscience, water treatment, dairy, healthcare & chemical. Leistung’s product range fall broadly in two categories namely:

  • Valves and Allied Products
  • Filtration Systems


Pneumatic components supply, SHAKO, Taiwan

Our product range includes filter regulator combinations, Solenoid valves, Pneumatic valves, Pneumatic cylinders, Mechanical valves.  All products are CSA approved for GP and HAZLOC explosion proof environments at full AC voltage. All the product series have been widely applied to the industrial fields of automation equipment, automotive assembly, medication and electronic machinery.


Flanges, heads and Pressure Vessels

TRGS provides cost effective ASME or PED certified flanges, heads and vessels from ASME U and UM stamp shops located in China, USA and Canada.


Irrigating?  We have a system for you. TRGS services the agriculture sector in North America and can deliver comprehensive irrigation systems to your design our ours.  We also fabricate custom systems, and fully test and try all outgoing products using our factory acceptance QA testing process.

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