Series 90: Sampling valve

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Series 90: Sampling valve


  • Unique design eliminates dead spaces
  • Mid-stream sample collection
  • Designed for production line sampling
  • Fully machined from SS 316L
  • CIP capable and crevice free
  • Self-draining operation
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Various internal surface finish available


Series 90 manually operated sampling valve has a flow optimized stainless steel body. The stainless steel body is available in various surface finishes in accordance with ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard table SF-2.4-1. The side sampling valves stem that can be inserted into the clamp adapter attached with the flow line to allow the fluid to enter. This stem is designed for zero dead-leg. The fluid (media) will pass through the valve to the outlet hose connector upon opening the valve. An easily replaceable internal diaphragm serves as both a switch as well as a sealing element for the media. An O-ring is also provided for the purpose of backup sealing to prevent any contamination of the sampled fluid.

Series 90- Side Sampling Valve Catalogue

Product Specs

Connection Size

Stainless steel 316L

Seal Material

‘O’ Ring material
FKM / FPM (fluoroelastomer)

Neutral gases and liquids, high purity,
sterile, aggressive or abrasive fluid

Up to viscous

Surface finish
Mechanical or Electro Polish

Media temperature
-10°C to +90°

Ambient temperature
Up to +90°C

Sterilization temperature
Briefly up to +150°C

End connections •V-band (Hygienic) Clamp
-EN ISO 1127/ISO 4200 and BS 4825 are available on request

As required For horizontal installation, stem hole shall be at lowest position


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